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Ketchup on Pancakes

Strange as it seems, that’s what reminds me of my Dad. That and ketchup on eggs and potatoes. Dad ate ketchup on many things, and I like it too–maybe not quite as much though. Nevertheless, whenever I get a craving for one of those combinations from my childhood, it reminds me of him. Have you ever wondered why we get cravings like that?

Some cravings hit when we are stressed. My girlfriends talk about chocolate or margaritas after a rough day at work. Personally, that’s when I crave time alone in the garden. My husband is still looking for the right “plays in dirt” t-shirt for me. These odd food cravings don’t come to me with stress though. What else could it be?

Next, I looked at whether we were close to a special day, such as Dad’s birthday or Father’s Day. Nope. Not that either. In fact, I rarely notice those things except in passing. My Dad wouldn’t have wanted me to mourn forever or dwell on grief. I’m sure he’d rather see me laughing at the snowboarding opossum video my husband just sent me.

However, I still think there has to be a reason I crave these strange combinations periodically. Of course, it’s comfort food from my childhood. There are also some of the few foods my father could cook in my early years. He improved as I grew up, but his kitchen skills were definitely limited. As I pondered further, I think I figured it out.

Bowl of Fresh Eggs

© Clarita | Dreamstime.com

My food cravings seem to be seasonal and tie in with the way my parents cooked on the farm. Later, the cooking took on a more urban pattern as our lifestyle changed after we moved to a larger city. Nevertheless, my father continued to cook his favorites on the days he stayed home with me. In our household, Mom worked on Mondays, and Dad worked on Saturdays. On Monday or Saturday, the parent who didn’t work took care of me and cooked dinner.

Apparently, those first few years of Dad’s favorites will continue to repeat themselves through my food cravings as the seasons change each year. My husband doesn’t share my enthusiasm for my dad’s odd taste in food though. Most times, I settle for fixing my craving with a quick lunch, which I enjoy privately.

Do you have food cravings that mystify you or maybe some that comfort you with memories of a time, place, or person?


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  1. Penny

    Thanks for stopping by. I like the cold hamburger with peanut butter. I don’t think I’d try it either, but it’s another one of those personal delicacies. No problem with the cake. I think it comes from the depression era.

    Just an fyi note to you, I visit your blog, but I can’t post comments because I can’t get it to take any of my IDs. Most of the comment boxes will allow a name/email/url post too. Unfortunately, all I get are error messages trying to use Goggle (maybe because I don’t use IE) and I don’t have any of the other options that are listed. Sorry. I love your posts.

  2. Intricate Knot

    I remember my older brother eating a cold hamburger from last night’s meal for breakfast. He prepared this cold burger by spreading peanut butter on it! It’s not, however, something I’ve ever eaten myself, but your post reminded me.

    Growing up one of the things my whole family ate was day-old cake in a bowl covered with milk. Yum. I thought this was “normal” until I served up a dish of it to my first husband. Oops. Guess it’s weird!

    Excellent post, Penny! I’ll check out your raffle. :)

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