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Order of the Dimensions (book review)

image of book cover for Order of the DimensionsOrder of the Dimensions, by Irene Helenowski, takes readers into the world of a graduate student who discovers that the science she loves may destroy her future and that of her family if it gets into the wrong hands. How can a student stop people with this much knowledge and power? But wait, is she really a student and does it matter? It depends on which dimension she’s living in today.

When Jane works with her colleagues on a black box called the Multiverser during her graduate studies, she begins traveling between dimensions without telling anyone and discovers that Anton Zelov and his New World Order plan to control everyone’s future, if he gets the Multiverser and the secret codes. Moral dilemmas and the heartaches of knowing who lives, who dies, when, and how, in other universes, along with the responsibility for stopping a criminal who is obsessed with her fall on Jane’s young shoulders. Can she make the right choices and maneuver through the scientific maze fast enough to find solutions? Will she have to consummate her marriage to Zelov to get the information she needs?

The story holds up well and provides a lot of room for the adventures and misadventures of the characters since the author developed the story around a multiverse theory. This multiverse theory basically says that there is more to the universe and that in each universe (parallel universe or dimension) there may be mirror images of individuals, and those mirror images could be doing completely different things.

A map of the dimensions, somewhat like geographical maps in other stories, would help keep readers oriented when the leap to another dimension isn’t entirely clear from the action that takes place. A reference page for the acronyms would also have helped. Trying to keep the characters straight in all of their roles becomes difficult in places. That said, the author does a masterful job of keeping them all coordinated.

As a first book and a self-published work, this book is far better than most. A stronger layout and cover design would improve the visual appeal; however, it isn’t amateurish, just not the wow factor a good sci-fi story needs. The same can be said of the interior layout; it didn’t quite seem like it fit right, and the occasional grammatical errors were noticeable without being distracting. While there are improvements to be made, I tend to be forgiving when there’s not blatant sloppiness because cover design, layout, and professional editing are very expensive, and this author has potential.

Readers who like shows like Sliders and other multiple universe stories will enjoy Order of the Dimensions.

About the author:

Irene Helenowski lives and works in Chicago. She’s a statistical analyst who collaborates with biomedical researchers and has a doctorate in Biostatistics. Art exhibits, music concerts, creative writing, and reading about scientific theories and advances occupy her during her leisure time.


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