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Healing is Believing (book review)

Healing is Believing, Jeri Mills, MD, photo of book cover and link to book on Amazon

Dr. Jeri Mills’ second book, Healing is Believing: A Journey Into Energy Healing, is an unusual memoir of a doctor’s journey further into a new world of healing and her decisions to follow her heart and dreams regardless of the changes and sacrifices required. Her first book, Tapestry of Healing: Where Reiki and Medicine Intertwine, took readers through Mills reluctant and interesting discovery of complimentary modalities for health care. Either book reads well without the other, even though this is a continuing story.

As a doctor of veterinary medicine, as well as a medical doctor, Mills possesses extensive medical training and a broad understanding of the science of medicine, which, when considered along with her lengthy list of documented experiences, encourages people who normally discount esoteric healing methods to listen and learn. Part memoir, part tutorial, and part reference book, she also provides exercises, insight into reasons for some of the more common practices, and a glossary of terms. In addition, each chapter begins with a quote that adds insight and depth to the story.

Mills’ stories transport us into the life and trials of a doctor who steps off the accepted path, but they also carry us along with her into the lives of the people she helps, as well as sharing her personal experiences and questions when she becomes the patient. For readers who believe that doctors lives are somehow very different from other mere mortals, the challenges Mills faces from supervisors and peers will sound as familiar to a store clerk as to a CEO. Being a doctor doesn’t make it acceptable to be different or to challenge conventional ideas—except on television or in the movies.

Neither do most doctors get rich when they sell their practice, as Dr. Mills did to pursue her dream and increase her knowledge of alternative healing modalities. To her credit and her horses’ delight, when funds ran low, Dr. Mills sought a paying job again, rather than put her horses on a diet.

As a reviewer with a personal interest in integrative medicine, I seek books written by credentialed professionals with experience on both sides of the eastern versus western healthcare debate. I’m also a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (CHHP) and Reiki Master Teacher, who’s taken many additional classes to further my understanding of varied health care modalities for people and animals. I’m extremely curious by nature, as are many avid readers, and for those who want to explore energy healing, Healing is Believing goes beyond Dr. Mills’ personal experiences. For those who don’t have an interest in experimenting, reading about the experiences of this adventurous and open-minded doctor provides a realistic look at how and why integrative medicine may be beneficial.



About the Author:

Jeri Mills, physician, veterinarian, intuitive healer, Reiki master teacher, author, and storyteller, lives in Arizona. Her mission is to serve as a bridge between Eastern and Western medicine, and her passion is to bring healing to all she touches.

Dr. Mills’ articles about women’s health and integrative medicine appeared in newspapers and journals in the United States, Canada, France, and the UK. She has lectured internationally about the integration of western medicine and energy medicine, integrated energy medicine into her western medical practice as early as 1993, and offers several workshops.

In addition to Reiki, Dr. Mills studied Therapeutic Touch, shamanic healing, dowsing, herbal medicine, and homeopathy. Now retired from her Ob-Gyn practice, Mills works as an Emergency Room physician and continues to integrate eastern healing arts into her medical practice.



First book:

Tapestry of Healing: Where Reiki and Medicine Intertwine

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  1. penny

    Great news! I just got a note from Jeri MIlls.

    “In celebration of the solstice, we are reducing the price of the Kindle and Nook versions of “Healing is Believing” for one week from June 21-June 28, 2013. It will be available for only $2.99 U.S.”

    If you have been wanting to read her latest book, now is the time to grab it. Enjoy.

  2. Paulette Mahurin

    Thank you so much for featuring this fascinating author. Paulette

    1. penny

      You are welcome. As you know, I love to feature books that make people think and offer new information. Nice to hear from you.

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