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About Penny

Penny J. Leisch

Penny at Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas

I’m Penny Leisch, and I’m a writer, teacher, wife, mother, and grandmother. Writing, photography, gardening, and animals are also very important parts of my life and work. My life revolves around changes, as does yours. Change is constant and encompasses good and bad events.

For me, those changes include loss of parents, divorce, children growing up and leaving home, and job loss, along with health changes and moving around the country. Other changes include celebrations of new babies, marriages, reunions, publishing a story, or getting a new kitten. How people handle change helps overcome obstacles and allows us to enjoy the good times even more.

Sometimes the changes in life are wonderful and exciting. Other times they’re scary and disorienting. Just ask my webmaster how scary it was when I described what I want this site to do! He promised that it’s going to cost me. Since he’s also my husband, cat wrangler, garden tiller, and proofreader, this will get interesting. :)

Whatever changes come, we all need time to adjust and reorient each time our life shifts. Life changes are a bit like walking a tight-rope. This site is for you. My hope is that you’ll use this site for personal support and resources to help you keep your balance. Your stories, comments, forum posts, and ideas are welcome. Join the contests and blog hops too, if you have a blog.

The ads and resources are carefully researched and chosen to offer something of value or to save money or time. The information is selected to address a wide variety of needs. If you don’t see what you need, we’ll try to find it.

By the way, A Penny and Change is also a great place to work. My editorial staff gets the best vacation package and most flexible hours you’ll find anyplace. They also get all the Fancy Feast they can eat and fresh catnip to keep their creativity and energy at its peak. Unfortunately, chewing on the catnip never did a thing for me. Coffee is my vice.

My love affair with coffee began during a stay in Portland, Oregon. Now, I’d never give up my Taste of Texas, Houston Blend, toddy brewed in my kitchen. I’ll have to put that recipe up soon–I don’t use a commercial brewer, just a yogurt cheese bag, mixing bowl, and a few standard kitchen utensils. It’s smooth, low in acid, and tastes great hot or cold. Is it 4 pm yet?

Contact Penny for information about, advertising, guest blogging, book tours, and writing services.

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