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PR and Giveaways

A Penny and Change, as well as my other business/writing blog, A Penny’s Worth, is PR friendly. I love promoting products and giveaways. If you want a product review to appear on either site, please follow these guidelines.
1) Provide a full size product that is mine to keep
2) I will write a review about your product and/or company.
3) Reviews and giveaways are free
4) I include two or three links to your site and link the product photos, if provided.
5) When I host a giveaway, the sponsor (you) send the winner the product. I forward all information you need to allow you to award the prize to the winner.
6) After receiving a product for review,  please allow 2 – 4 weeks to review the product and post a review to my blog. Additional tweets and comments on Facebook or other sites depend on the product. Not every product is appropriate for every site. I’ll let you know how much exposure I can give you before you commit to sending the product or prize.
7) After a review is posted, I’ll email the link to you with 24 hours.
8) Please plan to allow giveaways to run a minimum of 2 weeks. If you want to me to include your button or logo on my blog. I post it on one of my sidebars (my choice of location) under sponsors or under a sponsor tab for a small maintenance fee.

  • small 125 x 125 $10/month
  • medium 150 x 150 or 175 x 175 $15/month
  • large 200 x 200 20/month

If you have a specific location you want, that often means rearranging key elements of my site and carries an additional cost, which depends on the type and size of the ad.

There’s some really good prime real estate available because we haven’t got a lot of ads yet. Take advantage of the opportunity.

For more information, please contact Penny and allow 24-48 hours for a response.

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