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Press Room

Welcome to the Press Room for A Penny and Change.

Penny at a Big Boy restaurant in Michigan standing next to the statue

I didn’t think any of these still existed!

As you may suspect, changes in Penny’s life and in the lives of people she knows prompted the beginning of A Penny and Change. There are websites for boomers and seniors, political parties, men and women, dating, and more. Why not just a website that lets people laugh, cry, talk, and meet other people going through the same changes they are facing, regardless of age or sex? Why not a community that recognizes and supports the changes everyone faces? Here it doesn’t matter whether people talk about economic changes or health changes or changes in the neighborhood. You don’t have to belong to a specific population, such as mom, boomer, senior, blogger, woman, or man.

This site is a reprieve. People won’t have to be worry about annoying friends by talking too much about grief or financial worries or even expounding about the wonder of a new baby. Here others will share those moments willingly. A Penny and Change is also a one-stop experience for busy lives. We offer places to shop, catch news, read a quick blog/book review/article, catch up with friends on the forums, and find resources. It will take time, but we know we can be the best place to go.

A Penny and Change is not owned or operated by professional counselors. This site is for social networking and friends supporting friends. Respect and courtesy toward others will be strictly enforced. We don’t sell email addresses either. We think we can treat our readers well, and they’ll treat us well by coming back to visit often. Of course, we’ll be happy if they spread the word too.

Penny is an award winning poet, writer, and teacher, as well as having spent time in social services and volunteering with various animal rescue groups. She and her husband support the Austin Humane Society TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) program and care for two feral (community cat) colonies, along with several household pets. The common thread is that all of her work involves people and pets.

PennyLeisch.com is Penny’s writing and small business website. There you can read about her publications and download a free ebook about writing and photography. Even if you aren’t a writer or photographer, this book will improve your photos and help unravel the mysteries of digital cameras.

In addition, Penny wrote Chapter 28, about social media, in a book released in 2011, and she was a facilitator for a Story Circle Network Bi-Annual Conference Workshop in 2010. Is it any wonder she’d step out and lead the creation of a new online community?

Penny is a Star reviewer for Story Circle Book Reviews.

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Penny won first place for Adult Rhyming Poetry in the Prairie Hill Writing Contest. In addition, the prior writing website, Penny’s Pens & Pics, won a Bronze WWW Award for design, as well as being Bobby Approved for accessibility.

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