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A Society of Children

Disney characters and Smurfs decorate a full wall, and primary colors complement cartoon themes in every room. The occupant wears denim coveralls over a t-shirt adorned in cartoon characters. Her special place is every little girl’s dream. Except, this room belongs to an educated, single woman with a good job, who just bought her first …

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Baby Boomer Women at Midlife

By Dotsie Bregel

There are 38 million baby boomer women turning ages 44-62. The sheer number of us is changing the image of midlife women like no generation before.

Middle age finds us pondering how we’ve lived the first half of our lives and what to do about the second. Some of us are in …

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Boomerang Generation

Top Ten Topics to Consider with Boomerangs

by Dotsie Bregel

The Boomerang Generation describes the generation of young adults born during the 70s and 80s. The term refers to the children of baby boomers who are finding it tough to make it on their own so they are landing back in their parents’ …

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Little boy looking down from a tree laughing

Kids and Money

Family changes often mean financial changes too. In a world where media promotes buying whatever one wants, teaching children about the realities of money and budget challenges parents and grandparents.

As a mother of two adult children and a grandmother of six, ages ten to twenty-two, I’ve heard all the pleas for advances on allowances …

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Picnic area at Longhorn Caverns in Texas

Money Saving Gifts and Family Entertainment

Tired of hearing how bored the kids are? Take them on a Progressive Picnic. Buy or prepare a picnic meal. Be adventurous and shock the kids with a breakfast picnic or a dinner picnic. Pick several parks with different toys and facilities. Eat one course at each park. Then, play before moving on. Allow plenty …

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