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In keeping with today’s economy, we focus on free and low-cost information sources, as well as places to earn or save money. To keep our list manageable, we select only the top level of services nationwide, along with opportunities that are accessible to many people.


Clinical Trials is a government website that helps you …

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Personal Care

This section is dedicated to “personal care”, which means taking care of yourself. That may mean selecting a counselor, job coach, fitness program, spa or any number of things that help you be a better you and take care of those you love. We’re searching for great resources everyday. Check back often to see what’s …

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This area offers helpful products that may not fit in our regular store. Often, I include a few words about products and services I’ve used (a mini-review). I know I’d rather have all the information I can get before I try a product or service. Still, that’s only my personal opinion and experience. It doesn’t …

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We’re developing this page to help you find services that add quality to your life and reduce the challenges. Of course, we also want to hear about services you’ve found that worked out well. Your contributions and ideas, as well as requests for resources, are always welcome.

Send your ideas.

  • Cleaning for a Reason …

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