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Personal Care

This section is dedicated to “personal care”, which means taking care of yourself. That may mean selecting a counselor, job coach, fitness program, spa or any number of things that help you be a better you and take care of those you love. We’re searching for great resources everyday. Check back often to see what’s been added!

Career Information

Job Search Online!Access MILLIONS of jobs, every Industry every Profession. World’s largest job search engine.


AskTheInternetTherapist.com offers counseling, self-help books, articles, videos,  and radio shows that provide helpful information about many common problems. There’s also information about ADD, natural supplements, hypnosis, and forums, as well as online DUI counseling. Consultations are offered by telephone, email, chat, and audiovisual counseling mediums. The site is reliable, safe, and private.

Laura Lee Carter holds three graduate degrees including an M.A. in Transpersonal Counseling, with a specialty in midlife psychology.  She now provides psychotherapy for those struggling to transition into a better life in their middle years.

The program offered by Sarasota (above) is unique and personalized for you, by you. It’s not the same old thing in a one-size fits all book.  You receive Access to the Program Forum where you can ask your questions, post your comments, communicate with other Program users. Depression Test. Anxiety Test. Learn at home. Your own pace. Your own time. One-time tuition fee includes automatic lifetime free updates. Limited number available. Register now.

Memory Improvement

Reclaim Your Brain: Fight Cognitive Decline with Brain Games. Free Trial.


PennyLeisch.com offers resumes and interview coaching. Her resumes have produced job offers at major companies, such as HP, GMAC, IBM, Intuit, and more. Click on the link to read articles about writing your own resumes too.

50% discount on the use of www.resumemessenger.com at Worktree.

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