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We’re developing this page to help you find services that add quality to your life and reduce the challenges. Of course, we also want to hear about services you’ve found that worked out well. Your contributions and ideas, as well as requests for resources, are always welcome.

Send your ideas.

  • SafeLink offers Free cell phones and minutes for people who qualify. Usually, qualification requires that someone in the family be on medicaid or food stamps. However, it’s worth your time to check because it varies based on geographic area and programs. SafeLink is a provider of the government’s LifeLine Support Service. Service is limited to one per family.


Save 50-85% on your Textbooks. Renting textbooks makes sense plain and simple. College text books are a major expense. Some are several hundred dollars. Make pell grants and student loans go further by renting textbooks.


Save up to 40% 125x125 It can be very stressful not to be able to afford the best care for your pet. Do you know that many prescriptions and routine care products are cheaper online than at the veterinarian’s office? You are entitled to ask your vet for a written prescription that allows you to purchase the product or medication wherever you choose. So before you give up and think you can’t afford it, check online.


MyFax.com – Faxing Simplified, Anytime, Anywhere!Get a MyFax Number Whether you need to fax a resume, send information to customers, or start your own business, this is the cheapest, easiest way to enjoy the convenience of a fax.


You know you need to invest and save, but you don’t have much money. Here’s a place where you can save a little at a time. Really. MyStockfund - Investing for Life


100% Green Energy Hosting from HostPapa.com
Do you need webhosting and great rates? Do you support green businesses? This is the place for you!


FreeLogoServices.com Are you a freelancer or small business? Got a limited budget? Yet, you need to appear professional. I’ve used these folks and never been let down.


eVoice 6-Month Free Trial
From Virtual Assistants to one-man shops, you need to present yourself professionally. Larger businesses can save money and cut overhead too. Or, maybe you need a place for your civic group or small non-profit to get messages, but there’s no money to hire someone. Here’s your answer.

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